The menu is stocked with food you want to eat, like and we’ve added some bits and pieces you might want to pick up to take home like that bottle of homemade thai chilli sauce.

On the waterfront, the atmosphere takes you to cosy and street style Bangkok. Wood tables, cheap plastic chairs, have a drink on a triangle cushions, communal area and solo traveler seating.

A short and simple menu and we won’t forget the usuals, Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai or the Thai Beef Salad. Delightful springs rolls, fresh thai salad.

We’ll bring the street food from Bangkok into our pantry. Khao Man Gai, Nuea Dad Deaw. Hard to replicate authentic favourites without the smells of Bangkok in the background, but we’ll give it our best shot.

For breakfast we offer you the usual favourites of the Western kind and Asian dishes. For lunch and dinner it’s all about Thai. For the kids we have an all day dining menu with Western and Asian options.

We are seriously not into adding msg, nor do we add any artificial seasonings you will find in most restaurants. We know that most sauces contain gluten, but we use the kind without gluten.